Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era – Speak About “Beast Coast” Tour

Joey Bada$$ - Beact Coast TourJoey Bada$$ and Pro Era discuss the “Beast Coast” tour and what influence Joey will have at Ecko.

Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew have taken New York rap by storm, and plan to continue their take-over with their “Beast Coast” tour. The crew recently chopped it up with Good Fella Media, and discussed the upcoming tour and the Beast Coast movement as a whole. As well, Joey Bada$$ shed a little more light on his new role as Creative Director at Ecko.

Pro Era spitter A La $ole said of the tour, “To be on tour with the people you grew up with, with the people you love making music with is perfect.”

Joey Bada$$ continued, “The Beast Coast tour it’s just like solidifying this whole Beast Coast movement we have. This is really the official stamp on what the Beast Coast really is and how we plan on impacting the game. It’s a new beginning for hip-hop.”

Near the end of their conversation, the Pro Era front-man somewhat explains his position at Ecko. “I’m the Creative Director over here, so they basically bring me the pieces and  they’re like ‘yo, master Joey, what do you think about this piece?’ I told them to address me as master Joey,” Joey joked, before explaining that he pretty much decides what is hot and what is not.

Check out the full interview below.


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