Styles P – Compliments Diddy For AQUAhydrate Health Drink

Styles P - Gives Props to DiddyStyles P compliments Diddy’s venture into the health drink realm.

Diddy just teamed up with Mark Wahlberg for a joint venture into the health beverage market. The two will oversee business strategies for performance water AQUAhydrate.

Styles, who opened his own Juice Bar in the Bronx last year is impressed with Diddy’s support for a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s great,” said Styles. “It’s fucking great. We need it. You need to live right. So it’s great. The juice bar is still going on. … It’s all about balance. Everything needs balance. You can’t do all shit that’s wrong for you. You know what I’m saying? The waters and [healthy drinks], I think it’s great for artists to do that. Whatever artists do, regular people are going to do. It’s great to see artists doing something healthy or something that benefits everybody.”

Styles P is delivering his new LP, “Float” on 4/20, a day in which he will likely consume a great deal of health beverages.

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