2 Chainz – Found Not Guilty Of Possession of Marijuana

2 Chainz - Found Not Guilty Of Possession of Marijuana22 Chainz was found not guilty of possession of marijuana stemming from the arrest in Maryland.

2 Chainz is off the hook for a marijuana bust that happened in February, when the two arresting officers took a photo with the rapper. 

2 Chainz was pulled over by Maryland police, and a search of his vehicle found marijuana and related paraphernalia. The cops arrested him and asked for a photo afterwards. 2 Chainz later tweeted his frustration with the cops,  tweeting, “Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh.” He added, “We to jail for a grinder??? REALLY???”

Yesterday a judge in Maryland ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove the weed found in the rapper’s tour van belonged to him. According to reports there were six other in the tour van with 2 Chainz. Therefore he was only cited.

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