Goodie Mob – Release Date Set For “Age Against The Machine”

Goodie MobGoodie Mob set a release date for their new album “Age Against the Machine.”

Goodie Mob has finally locked in a date for their new, and much-talked about/delayed album, Age Against the Machine.

Goodie Mob is set to release their album on June 18th. Word is that Goodie Mob was putting the finishing touches on the LP, so hopefully the summer release date sticks. It’s been fourteen years since Cee-Lo appeared on a Goodie Mob album, with 1999’s World Party. The group’s last album, One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show, was released nine years ago of which Cee-Lo did not take part.

The group’s been working on this new album since 2009, and Cee-Lo has said that “prior engagements and preoccupations” were the reason for its delay.

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