Mac Miller – Talks “Pink Slime,” “SDS” & New Sound

 Mac Miller - Talks Pink Slime, SDS & New Sound

Mac Miller discusses his ‘brand,’ his new single “SDS,” and whats up with his project with Pharrell, “Pink Slime.”

Mac Miller kept extremely quiet about his upcoming album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, after he announced the title this past October. He finally showed signs that the album is indeed coming to fruition, when he dropped the first single, “SDS,” last week. The single proved to be a departure from Mac’s younger, mixtape days, with a trippy beat from Flying Lotus and a stream-of-consciousness-type-rap. Mac Miller seems to have begun the promo and press for his upcoming album, which may have an unexpected sound if the single is any indication. The rapper recently visited New York and discussed his growth as an artist with Hot 97, as well as with the Breakfast Club on Power 105, for respective interviews.

While talking to Hot 97, Mac discussed his collaborative project with Pharrell, Pink Slime, which seems to have fallen off Mac’s to-do list, at least for now. We got a leak or two off awhile back, but then, nothing. Mac Miller explains that he decided to put the focus on Watching Movies With The Sound Off, in order to present to fans his brand first, before meshing his brand with Pharrell’s.

Mac explained, “Pink Slime with Pharrell was the next move for awhile, but I just realized that it wasn’t time to do that yet. Like before I take my brand and mix it with Pharrell I wanna solidify what my brand is first. So I wanna do my album first.”

Mac and Hot 97 went on to discuss the whole idea of ‘branding,’ which Mac realizes is a must in the industry, but he also finds it strange. He detailed the type of ‘brands’ he thinks he had, before arriving to his sound in “SDS.”

The Rostrum Records rapper said, “I think that the whole brand thing in general is kinda confusing ’cause I guess you do have the power to change it or say what it is, but it’s a weird idea. To be like ‘okay, what do I represent?'” Mac continued, “I definitely went through a few different ones, and it’s always like one pops off. If you listen to old stuff my brand used to be angry white rapper on Alchemist and Prem.”

Miller continued, explaining the brand that blew him up. “And then, you know, you get the brand like, ‘hey Mac Miller is a nice white guy who drinks beer.'”

Concerning his new single, Mac added, “I just came out with ‘SDS’ as a single. People are like, ‘I’ve never heard Mac Miller like this, this is crazy.'”

Mac Miller has not set a release date for Watching Movies With The Sound Off yet, so stay tuned. Check out his two interviews below, and let us know what you think of Mac’s new single in the comments.

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