No I.D. – Runs This Town |and This ASCAP EXPO Panel|

By Melissa Rapp

No ID & DonCannonHit-making producer No I.D. took a break from his production schedule with hip-hop greats like Kanye West and Jay-Z to share some wisdom with EXPO-goers.

He emphasized that making it in the music business depends on education more than luck: “You have to study. I had a goal to be here at this point. It took a lot of ego to let people go faster than me. But my goal simply was to be successful for the longest amount of time so that I can have something for my family and myself.”

“It doesn’t have to be formal school,” he continued, “but if you don’t educate yourself seriously…and take advantage of the information available to us online…then you’re cheating yourself.”

We also heard the writing story behind the top hit “Run This Town.” No I.D. was on an extended recording and relaxation stay in Hawaii with Kanye. He recalls how on most days they would wake up, eat breakfast, play a few hours of basketball and then eat again. They would then get to the studio where Kanye might fall asleep in the chair! They knew they had Rihanna coming out to record so they prepped “Run This Town” in only a day or two right before her visit.

Lesson learned: artists shouldn’t underestimate the importance of deadlines to help usher in music greatness!

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