Notorious B.I.G. – Childhood Apartment On The Market For $725,000

Notorious B.I.G. - Childhood Apartment On The Market For $725,000Brooklyn Real Estate News, the  apartment the Notorious Big grew up in is now on the market for $725,000.

Biggie’s upbringing in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn is well documented in his work. The late rapper lived in 26 St. James Place, apartment 3L with his mother in his childhood, working at the Met Food around the corner. He went from bag boy to Bad Boy soon after, but still referenced his upbringing on record, most notably referring to the apartment as his “one room shack” on “Juicy”.

Times have changed since then, as the home in question was recently put on the market for $725,000, with the listing reading “This three-bedroom plus den/office condominium was renovated a few years ago preserving traditional styling while answering the needs of modern usage.” The area has also been given the decidedly upper class name of Clinton Hill.

When asked if she was aware of the hip hop history behind the apartment, listing agent Judith Lief clarified, “You must be kidding. I am.”

Lief said that “very lovable people” own the place and says she doesn’t want it’s legendary status to overshadow it. “The tour buses that come by regularly are enough,” she said. “I don’t really know yet what impact, if any, [Biggie’s looming presence] will have on the sale. I think it’ll be notable, but I don’t know if novelty translates to a purchase.”

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