Snoop Dogg – 4/20 Party Shut Down By The Boys In Blue

Snoop Dogg - 4-20 CelebrationWe guess not everyone enjoys a little mary-jane. In honor of 4/20 Snoop Dogg had a gathering at his home which was shut down by the “Boys In Blue.”

The party was halted before it could really get going as some of Snoop’s neighbors could not take the noise, or maybe the second hand smoke.

Apparently the weed-loving rapper held a “Snoop Lion 4/20 Festival” at his home in the Hollywood Hills. The party kicked off around 11 A.M., but didn’t last long, as multiple neighbors of Snoop weren’t feeling as happy about the event. They complained to the cops about the noise levels and the parking situation. On top of this, TMZ reports that Snoop didn’t have a permit.

The police quickly arrived and put an end to the celebrations, although it is reported that no one there was cited, and Snoop wasn’t present.


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