Wiz Khalifa – Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against Concert Promoter

Wiz Khalifa - Started From The Bottom RemixThis is change from the norm. Usually it is the artist who is being sued, but now we learn that Wiz Khalifa is suing a concert promoter who promised a large sum of money and then cancelled the concert.

It’s not often that we see Wiz Khalifa in the news for legal troubles, as the laid-back rapper seems to have a stress-free attitude. Nonetheless, Wiz still handles his business, and recently he filed a lawsuit against a concert promoter for booking him and then pulling the plug on the event at the last minute. Although the concert never happened, Wiz is still asking for $1 million from the promoters.

The concert promoter, It’s My Party Inc., booked the Taylor Gang head for $85,000, plus a cut of the profits, to perform at George Mason University. Wiz says the cancellation seriously damaged his reputation, and he’s demanding $1 million from the company. It’s My Party has responded that ticket-sales were no way near high enough to fill the 7,000-seat arena, and the company never signed a contract so they’re not obligated to pay Wiz anything.

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