Eminem – In The Studio With Chris Rock

Eminem - In Studio With Chris RockIt was reported that Eminem and Chris Rock were recently in the studio together.

There has plenty of murmuring about Eminem‘s album since it was announced that he is working on a new one. With all of the discussions no one seems to know about a release date.

There are photos of Eminem recently with in the studio Big Sean and Royce Da 5’9″.  Although the photos are apparent this does not mean that Eminem is working on an album. Today Chris Rock sends a Tweet about the encounter with Eminem and a photo was posted on Instagram.

The two were in the studio together, and it would not come as a suprise if it was for work on Em’s new album. Chris Rock has worked with rappers before, including Kanye West on his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, as well as Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Recognize.”



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