Ludacris – Drake Not Target Of “Mad For”

LudacrisThe upcoming Ludacris track “Mad For” is not about Drake, according to Ludacris. He also talked about the new crop of rappers.

While Ludacris has been concentrating on acting in the last few years, he’s been putting out new tracks consistently each week, and just recently announced his comeback mixtape, #IDGAF. Looking at the tracklist, there was on song in particular that stuck out, a track titled “Mad For” featuring Pusha T, Chris Brown, & Meek Mill.

The track stood out as Ludacris, Pusha, & Chris have all expressed issues with drake, on and off record, so many assumed it to be a diss track. Ludacris was vary quick to dismiss such assumptions, quite taken aback by the question of whether the song would be targteting Drizzy. 

“I didn’t even think about that…Man listen, I don’t tell other artists how to write. I just basically—they go off what they feel and they write what they wanna write on there,” Luda explained. “That’s just how Hip Hop is man. You write to what you feel. So, make no assumptions, just listen to the track. You can make your own assumptions, but I definitely would never make assumptions just based off who’s featured on a record…I’m not talking to anyone specific.”

The ATL rapper explained that the features came about organically, and anything else is just a coincidence. “The ‘Mad For’ record, a lot of people, a lot of different artists heard it while we was just in the studio vibing and wanted to get on it. Everybody from Chris Brown to Swizz Beatz—to Meek Mill, Pusha T, everybody.”

The rapper also shared his opinion on the “new school” of rappers, offering nothing but praise. “Man, I love the new generation of hip hop cats. I love how people are creating their own specific lanes for themselves, I love how they’re getting thei own underground movement before any label comes even remotely comes close to them,” he said, adding, “If there’s anything you know about me over the last 12 years I love working with other artists, and coming together and collaborating and having great minds come together.”

Luda the argued that despite what other rapper’s like Scarface have expressed, while the game is changing, Hip Hop’s soul is still intact. “There’s so many other genres that are mixing in, where it feels like we are losing the soul in translation. But I definitely feel like there is still soul in hip hop music, and to a degree soul is all in the opinion in who and what you’re listening to.”

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