The Hustle – To Debut on FUSE Network

The Hustle - On FuseThe Television network FUSE has been creating music-related programming or years. The network will now launch its first scripted television series, “The Hustle” which will focus on the ups and downs of two rising rap artists.

The Series is a six part 30-minute dramedy that follows the careers of rap duo Kutta (Y’Lan Noel) and D (London Brown), collectively known as Brooklyn’s Finest. The group’s A&R and childhood friend Ya-Ya (Ericka Dickerson) works with the group in hopes that they will be signed to a major label.

Prentice Perry is the creative and executive producer, a veteran of shows such as Happy Endings, Girlfriends and Scrubs. The show is produced by Generate, and will be directed by Millicent Shelton whose credits include (Everybody Hates Chris, and 30 Rock), Rusty Cundieff (The Bernie Mac Show, Chapelle Show), and Billie Woodruff (Beauty Shop).

“There are plenty of stories about trying to make it in the music industry, but never has there been such an authentic look at the hip hop industry and the struggles that accompany the journey to get to the top,” said Mike Bair, president, MSG Media in a press release.
 “Keeping true to that statement, the show will feature cameos from rap acts such as Freddie Gibbs, Jadakiss, Red Cafe, DJ Whoo Kid and many others.

The “Hustler” debuts on Fuse, Wednesday, June 19 at 11 p.m. EST.

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