Young Jeezy & CTE – Cover Art For “#Itsthaworld”

Young Jeezy and CTEAs we know Young Jeezy and CTE will soon drop an EP, “#Itsthaworld”, and have now released the cover art.

With Young Jeezy and his CTE label set to release their upcoming EP in a couple days (May 30th), he has decided to release the official cover art tonight for the project.

Jeezy and his CTE label are about to release their new EP #Itsthaworld on May 30th. The project will feature new music from Jeezy and his newly signed Detroit group Doughboyz Cashout, as well as other previous CTE signees. Take a listen to Jeezy and Doughboyz new release from earlier today titled “Woke Up”, off this upcoming EP.

Young Jeezy and CTE1

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