2 Chainz – Stolen Driver License & Bank Card Posted On Instagram

2 Chainz InstagramIt seems that the suspected perpetrator in the apparent robbery of 2 Chainz has posted photos of the rapper’s stolen driver license and bank card on Instagram.

At the beginning of the month 2 Chainz was apparently robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco. However, he denied being robbed.  Just after the incident footage of the robbery hit the internet, and it is now pretty undeniable.

The robber stole Chainz’ wallet which didn’t have any money in it.  Now on Instagram there are photos posted of 2 Chainz’s stolen driver license and Visa card. 

See the image in the gallery above, via DDotOmen. Seems like “Rule #1” is indeed correct. Check the photo below.


2 Chainz's Credit Card

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