Jay-Z – Rocawear Not Paying Invoices

Jay-Z RocawearJay-Z has been in the spotlight a lot lately, and not for good reasons. He now has a new situation at hand.

As reported by the New York Post, it seems wholesale company iSource NYC is suing Jay-Z’s Rocawear clothing line for an unpaid bill of $450,000 – half of a million dollar order of branded goods delivered to NYC from Pakistan last April through June. None of the items were ever returned, and now the business is seeking the rest of the money as well as 9% in interest, bringing the grand total to $490,500.

Rocawear paid for about half of the $1 million order, but has yet to cough up the balance, the suit alleges, and iSource wants the rest of the money plus 9 percent interest — because the bill was due last summer.

Reps for Rocawear have not made any comment.

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