Rick Ross – Failed To Pay $90,000 Bill On Three Rolexes

Rick Ross $90k
Well Rick Ross is back in the not so GOOD news again. This time for not paying an outstanding bill for multiple Rolex watches.

Rick Ross does spend a lot of time telling his listeners about how much money he has and what type of jewelry he wears. Somehow he thought he did not need to pay for this expensive jewelry, and has an outstanding balance of $90k for 3 watches he purchased last year.

TMZ reports that Ross is being sued for not paying the large bill. Johnny’s Custom Jewelry in Texas filed the suit against Ross and his MMG company, claiming that Ross agreed to purchase three Rolexes in August of last year for the amount of $89,847.50.

Johnny says Ricky Ross bought one 18K gold watch with 30CT of diamonds ($55,000), one 18K gold watch with 7CT of diamonds ($14,000), and one two-tone watch with 5CT of diamonds ($14,000).

Johnny says he delivered on the watches however the MMG rapper did not deliver on the payment. Johnny now wants to be paid for the watches, plus interest.


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