Kanye West – No Charges Most Likely In Attack On Photographer

Kanye West No Charges Most Likely In Attack On PhotographerKanye West will most likely not face any charges in his recent attack on a photographer at LAX.

Last week Kanye attack a member of the paparazzi for apparently just trying to talking with him. Kanye again took offense to this, and the skirmish was caught on tape and widely circulated. Kanye was named a felony suspect for attempted robbery as a result.

Now TMZ is reporting that the LAPD is investigating the photographer’s claim that Kanye tried to steal his camera, however, sources say that the D.A. will never charge ‘Kanye with a felony attempted robbery because there’s no proof. Apparently the cops will send the attempted robbery file to the D.A. nonetheless, expecting that they will reject within a few days.

It highly unlikely he’ll be charged as Kanye is reportedly willing to pay to make the case go away.

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