Wiz Khalifa – Makes It Official With Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa - Makes It Official With Amber RoseTwitter has become our “News” outlet, with everyone using it to announce a number of things. Wiz Khalifa is not different. 

He announced via Twitter that he and Amber rose have made it official and are now married. He says that the wedding follow this fall.

The couple has been an item since 2011. They were then engaged March of last year, and Amber had the couples first kid a few months ago in February. Last week, rumors arose that the two were picking up a wedding license. 

Wiz has confirmed the rumors, revealing via Twitter that the couple were married today. The rapper also indicated that the offical wedding would take place in the fall.

Congratulations to the new married couple of Wiz and Amber! There is no word if she will take his last name at this point.

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