2 Chainz – Tour Bus Reportedly Pulled Over For Drugs

2 Chainz - Tour Bus Reportedly Pulled Over For DrugsIt has been reported that the tour bus belonging to 2 Chainz was pulled over outside Oklahoma City, and the bus driver was arrested on suspicion of drug use.

2 Chainz is again in a peculiar situation away from the ATL. After being robbed in San Francisco it appears that his tour bus was stopped and there were drugs on board.

What is believed to be the rapper’s tour bus was stopped outside Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this morning. As Oklahoma’s NewsOn6.Com reports, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne performed at Chesapeake Energy Arena on Wednesday night. Just past midnight on Thursday, the cops pulled over a tour bus for a broken taillight on Interstate 40 and Meridian. 

The officer arrested the bus driver, whom he suspected of drug use. However, the seven people on board the tour bus refused to unlock it, so the cops had the tour bus towed with the people still on board to a police training facility nearby until they obtained a warrant to search the bus.

The people on board where eventually taken off the bus and detained while the vehicle was searched. They could be charged with a misdemeanor, interfering with official process.

It’s uncertain at this time if 2 Chainz was actually on board.

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