Big Sean – “Fire” Was Originally For Kanye

Big Sean - Fire Was Originally For KanyeBig Sean’s sophomore album, Hall Of Fame. However, he has a complete project from start to finish. One track in particular “Fire” (No I.D.) is a very good track.

As Big Sean tells it, this track was originally for Kanye West, who is noticeably not on the album.

Big Sean, in a recent interview explained how Kanye helped with this project.

“I love to take what people have to offer. But most importantly, I listen to what I feel in my heart. Sometimes when I didn’t listen to my heart and things weren’t working out like I wanted to. I made a promise to myself, especially after this album, I always listen to my heart. Always go with what I believe in. That’s one of the things [Kanye West] taught me indirectly without even saying. Just from his actions. He’s the best. Kanye West is the best. Nobody can argue with that.

“You gotta take risks at some point. You live and you learn. He had a lot to do with this like DONDA and his company. The music. He was the reason that my album packaging looked so good. It’s such a conceptual album packaging. Everything from the music and the videos all went together so well. It really felt like a real project. He’s the reason I have a “Fire” beat. He gave me the beat for “Fire.” He had it and he loved it, but [he said], ‘I think this will be great for you.’ He gave me input on songs like “Nothing Is Stopping You.” I uses his voice on “Nothing Is Stopping You.” He gave me a lot of input the songs he liked. What were his favorite, what were his least favorite. All that. It’s just great. He’s a great dude and he let’s you be artistic.”

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