KRS-One – Performs At S.O.B.’s in NYC

KRS-One - Performs At S.O.BKRS-One and his son, DJ Predator Prime performed at S.O.B.’s last night (August 15).  The club was full and those in attendance had a chance to experience real hip hop history.

Tony Touch and D-Stroy were there and performed “Touch and D-Stroy” off Touch’s latest release, The Piece Maker 3:  Return of the 50 MCs.  Tony Touch was quoted as saying “KRS-One is my favorite of all time and to be able to be in the same room with him, much less open up for him, is astronomical for me.  It’s a highlight of my career.”

When KRS-One made his entrance to dead prez’s “It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop” and controlled the crowed until the end.  He shouted, “It feels so good to be in New York right now!” and promptly followed up with “fuck Hot 97” and “fuck MTV” punches in a hard intro verse. 

KRS yelled “stop that stop-and-frisk bullshit!” as he went into “Sound of Da Police,” and soon thereafter called back a quick ask to Predator Prime to “mix it.” 

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