Jerzy Pharaoh – Officially Joins ASCAP

Jerzy Pharaoh - Officially Joins ASCAP

Jerzy Pharaoh officially joins ASCAP.

Up and coming multi genre producer Jerzy Pharaoh is now officially a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP). He is now going to be under one of the best music registering companies there is. Now with everything he has going on he will inform the people via social networks about what is next and what artists he will be working with. Jerzy Pharaoh is DJ YRS Jerzy’s official production name he goes under. If you have been paying attention to some of the top hip hop websites you have seen the name DJ YRS Jerzy around. Now building a name for himself as a producer he decided it was best to go with something different. The difference between DJ YRS Jerzy and Jerzy Pharaoh is that one side of Jerzy is mostly business and the other side is focused on making great productions for artists.

Jerzy has been making a name for himself for quite some time now as DJ YRS Jerzy as he continues to keep his name while also building Jerzy Pharaoh to become a great name on the producer side of things. Jerzy Pharaoh’s sound is just something you won’t hear any where else. You could say his productions bring an exciting party vibe then he could switch up and have you with something lower toned. He is currently looking for artists in different genres to work with. There are plenty of people out there that are looking for something different and Jerzy Pharaoh can definitely give you what you are looking for. He is mostly specializing in euro-pop, electronic, hip hop and dub step. Jerzy Pharaoh knew that the best place to get credited for his work would be ASCAP. They have their award service programs every year where artists, producers and song writers can win ASCAP awards and Jerzy wanted to be apart of it all.

When it comes down to everything over all Jerzy Pharaoh felt like it would be a smart move business wise as well. ASCAP has been helping artists and their careers for many years now and it would only be right to join with one of the greats. Look out for big things soon to happen for Jerzy Pharaoh and his rising career as a producer.

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