Justice For Rumain Brisbon Community Outreach Continues

Justice For Rumain Brisbon Community Outreach ContinuesThe aftermath of Rumain Brisbon’s untimely and unjust death has brought together all members of the community fighting for justice. His family, friends, church leaders, activists, students, elders, and various ethic groups are coming together standing up against police brutality and unwarranted racial profiling.

 It was racial profiling that led to the death of Rumain Brisbon, who was coming home to feed his children McDonalds. Before handing over their Happy Meals, he was shot and killed in front of his home. The key witness, Brandon Dickerson, has risen to the occasion. He’s revealed with the Huffington Post that Phoenix police are covering up their murder with false accounts detailing events December 2nd, 2014.

“They murdered my friend,” Dickerson said. The officer “just jumped the gun and killed my friend in cold blood and they’re covering up. I hate things to be so political but, unfortunately, it is. It’s another Ferguson. It’s another Eric Garner,” Dickerson said by phone on Friday. “It’s another incident of police using excessive force.”

Justice For Rumain Brisbon Community Outreach ContinuesAn official peace rally is being held today in Phoenix, Arizona. Friends and family will meet at the Elks Lodge and end the night with a peaceful and loving march. The official event page is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1510330162573718?id=1510330162573718. To donate to the family Rumain Brisbon visit this site: http://www.gofundme.com/i7alb0

Today, we’re honoring Curtis Lovings, the owner of Cream of the Crop Marketing and Promotions for his donation of #JusticeforRumain t-shirts. Proceeds will be donated to the Brisbon family. For more information on the rally & march details please contact: Jenee Polk starrjenee@yahoo.com, Yonasda Hill yonasda@gmail.com, or Kim Simpson drocksmusic@gmail.com.

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