KXNG Crooked – Addresses the Unauthorized Leak Sex, Money & Hip-Hop

KXNG CROOKED - Reveals Who The Fifth Member Of Slaughterhouse Should BeKXNG Crooked releases his second open letter.

For one week we didn’t have a single leak on the internet for KXNG CROOKED bka Crooked I’s mixtape experience Sex, Money & Hip-Hop, and at the closing chapter of 2014 that in and of itself is unprecedented. What’s even more amazing is at the time of the leak we had already sold close to 13,000 CD’s (with 85% of those delivered to the address of the respective buyer) without a leak, without a major retailer, without a major distributor and without a music video or extensive promo. These sales are verifiable and, if they are accepted by SoundScan, are a game-changer for our setup at SMH Records.

…and for music history.

To all websites: please feel free to leak, rip, share and post Sex, Money & Hip-Hop. We only ask that you please download it from either your physical copy of the album or online here at http://smhworldwide.net/sexmoneyhh/

As much as we are disappointed in that one person who leaked it (and we know who you are), we applaud the thousands of other people who respected our “Open Letter To The Internet,” which we included in every single package that was sent out (for those who hadn’t already seen it online). We only pressed up 30,000 CD’s, and we are running out fast. After these are gone, there will be no more. There will be a second edition of Sex, Money & Hip Hop that we will sell on the road, but there is only one first edition that can be kept as a collectible.

We are proud of our COB and SMH supporters. For one week, we beat the internet leak. People said that it couldn’t be done, but we did it. So, cheers to you! Last Friday (12/19) we received a lucrative cash offer from a major website to exclusively host Sex, Money & Hip-Hop. We declined. This was never about the money for any of us; this was a social experiment put together by a team of professionals, including KXNG CROOKED, co-owner of SMH Records and publicity expert Jonathan Hay — whose credits include TMZ, MTV, Billboard, and Radar Online, co-owner of SMH Records and judge on One Shot, Mike Smith, General Manager of SMH Records and former Vice President of Universal Music Distribution John Nicholas who’s helped launch acts such as Katy Perry and Cold Play, famed journalist and One Shot correspondent Kathy Iandoli, DJ King Tech of Sway and Tech’s Wake Up Show and Shade45, the man who had a hand in Eminem’s big break, Tech N9ne, and Graphic Designer Sabrina Hale who designed all of the merchandise and the majority of the album art with James “Jaycee” Cail for Sex, Money & Hip-Hop. This was market research and a strategic plan preceding our releases in 2015.

Sex, Money & Hip-Hop is a concept album from beginning to end. Tweet and Instagram us at @smhrecordlabel with your best guess as to what that the concept is. One lucky person will win a round-trip flight and 5-star accommodations to Las Vegas, NV for the grand finale of our One Shot TV Show. This will be an epic night. T.I., Scarface, The Game, DJ Khaled, Tech N9ne, E-40, Twista, DJ Drama, Joell Ortiz, The RZA and Charlamagne Tha God have all been announced as guest judges on One Shot and more will be announced soon. Keep checking back to www.myoneshot.tv for updates. 

Lastly, we’ve received numerous requests for the Sex, Money & Hip-Hop Limited Edition wooden albums. We’ve just released a link to pre-order these on www.smhmerch.com. They are released on a first come, first serve basis to the first 50 people who purchase them. Thank you for all of your continued support. It’s time to make more history in 2K15.


Happy Holidays!

SMH Records
SMH Records is home to KXNG CROOKED, Horseshoe Gang, Producers Jonathan Hay and Mike Smith, and One Shot TV Show (with Sway Calloway, DJ King Tech and KXNG Crooked, along with a slew of celebrity judges.)

KXNG Crooked - Addresses the Unauthorized

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