Cool C – Scheduled To Be Executed Tomorrow

Cool C may be executed tomorrow.

Cool C - Scheduled To Be Executed TomorrowPhiladelphia rap pioneer Cool C is scheduled to be executed tomorrow |Jan. 8|. Born Christopher Roney, the “Glamorous Life” star was convicted 19 years ago this month of first-degree murder in the death of Philadelphia police officer Lauretha Vaird. The shooting occurred during a botched bank robbery carried out by Roney and two other men, including his rhyming partner Warren “Steady B” McGlone.

Though prosecutors sought the death penalty for all three, only Roney received the sentence. (The other two men are serving life without the possibility of parole.) Roney and his mother maintain his innocence, saying they were sharing a meal during the 1996 robbery; surveillance footage and forensic evidence suggest Roney’s presence at the bank.

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