Open Mike Eagle – Announces New EP & New Single

Open Mike Eagle lets us know about his upcoming EP.

Open Mike Eagle - Announces New EP & New Single

Raps For When It’s Just You and The Abyss

Sometimes you catch yourself staring over the edge, looking into the nothingness. The new single from Open Mike Eagle catches you at a moment between yourself and the chasm, part regret, part social musings.

The new single has a personal touch. This is the part in the show where the house lights drop and the spotlight falls dead center stage. You know the performance is coming to a close, but it wouldn’t be so sweet without a jarring finale. “I have abandonment issues. i almost called it that. produced by lo-phi. shout out to broken social scene. shout out to method man,” says  Open Mike Eagle.

Open Mike Eagle Announces New EP + Single 2

After being named LA Weekly 2014 Rapper of the Year and having his newest album, Dark Comedy, named to “best of” lists from USA Today, Rolling Stone, and Spin, Open Mike Eagle is bringing us A Special Episode. If you’ve been following Open Mike Eagle’s new podcast, “Secret Skin,” you probably heard him leak his new song with Gold Panda, “Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps).” Now,
Open Mike Eagle is closing out the Dark Comedy album run with a two month long tour with Minnesota’s Doomtree. You can find all the dates here.

“A Special Episode Of” Tracklist

1. Dark Comedy Late Show (prod. Exile)

2. Split Pants In Detroit (or Hyrule) (prod. Illingsworth)

3. Raps For When It’s Just You & The Abyss (prod. Lo-Phi)

4. Trickeration (feat. MC Paul Barman & Milo) (prod. Illingsworth)

5. Stay Still Awake (Up Before Ayybody) (prod. Cars & Trains)

6. Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps) (prod. Gold Panda)

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