Red Pill – Inks Multi-Album Deal

Red Pill signs a new multi-album deal with Mello Music Group”.

Red Pill - Inks Multi-Album Deal“I’ve been a fan of Mello Music Group since 2009 when I first heard Diamond District’s “In The Ruff” and then yU’s “Before Taxes”. I was drawn to the music and what appeared to be a dedication to quality from an independent record label that was just getting going. I’ve looked up to Apollo Brown, Oddisee, Quelle Chris and most of Mello’s roster. After releasing Ugly Heroes, I was approached by the label head and Mello Music himself, Mike Tolle, and offered a deal to put out my own solo material with the label. Starting first as a fan, then as part of an incredible Apollo Brown project and now being able to say that I’m officially part of the Mello Music Group roster is amazing. You grow up wanting to find a record label. Wanting to have your music exposed to a loyal, supportive and incredible fanbase. It takes years and years of hard work, patience and a little bit of delusion to think it can ever happen. I’m happy for the opportunity that I’ve been given from Mello Music Group and excited to start releasing new music with them.”

After releasing two successful records with his Ugly Heroes brethren, touring 12+ countries in Europe, and honing his craft to a precision point, Detroit writer & emcee Red Pill has signed a multi-album solo artist deal with Mello Music Group for 2015 & 2016.  Fans can expect a solo record each of the next two years, along with an EP, compilation contributions, and guest features. More details in the coming weeks.

Mello  Music Group says this about the signing – “Red Pill is a writer first and that comes through with his every verse. It’s apparent he’s commited to Red Pill - Inks Multi-Album Dealthe craft of emceeing – able to command a crowd – but at the same time he is committed to all the same things Raymond Carver,  James Baldwin, or any writer would be – verisimiltude, having a political soul, and creating art that moves people.”  Apollo Brown who produce “All Of Us” had this to say - “His drive is what every artist should have, along with his humility and willingness to learn. Oh, and on the mic? He’s a blue collar emcee, period.  Relatable. One minute he’ll share with you his life story and invite you to walk in his shoes, and the next minute he’s eating you alive with wordplay.”


Listen to Red Pill – “All Of Us” below. 

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