Prodigy Died of ‘Accidental Asphyxiation,’ Autopsy to Show

Mobb Deep half Prodigy ultimately died from unintentional suffocation, not sickle cell anemia, an autopsy is expected to show.

Prodigy’s sudden and shocking death may have been preventable, according to unconfirmed details received this morning.  The Mobb Deep rapper died on June 20th, though the cause of death remains unknown.

Earlier, it was confirmed that Prodigy had been committed to hospital care for chronic sickle cell anemia.  The condition, which disproportionately affects those of African descent, requires recurring medical care.  But the disease itself appeared to be manageable, with Prodigy obviously treating the issue successfully for decades.

In fact, Prodigy was on a full-blown Art of Rap tour when the hospitalization occurred.

Now, it appears that Prodigy died of a preventable accident while in hospital care.  A source tied to the death has now informed Digital Music News that an autopsy will mark the cause of death as ‘accidental asphyxiation,’ referring to an object lodged into Prodigy’s windpipe.

That corroborates an earlier (also unconfirmed) report.  Earlier, TMZ claimed that Prodigy had ‘choked on an egg,’ also citing a hospital source.  At present, the family has declined to share the actual cause of death.

Coroners in Las Vegas will be handling the autopsy.  But the source stressed that an autopsy may take several months to formally complete, as standard procedure.

The source also noted that no ‘drugs of excessive quantity’ were found in the rapper’s system.  The suggests a bit of weed, and nothing more.  Earlier, Prodigy has faced criminal charges for marijuana possession, though his biggest legal issues came from weapons possession.

Meanwhile, a publicist for the rapper has yet to release any cause of death details.  “The exact causes of death have yet to be determined,” the publicist merely noted.  Mobb Deep cohort Havoc subsequently noted that hospital visits were routine.  And the death itself entirely unexpected.

via Digital Music News

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