Chance the Rapper Isn’t Releasing a New Album This Week

Chance the Rapper Isn’t Releasing a New Album This Week

It looks like fans of Chance the Rapper are going to have to wait a little while longer for a new album.

Rumors that Chance the Rapper is releasing a new album this week have been shot down by the man himself.

Vulture and Variety both reported earlier in the week that a new release from Chance the Rapper was imminent.  The news was met with understandable enthusiasm from millions of fans.  Tracing things back, it seems that comments Chance made in an interview with the Chicago Tribune sparked the rumor mill.

Those comments have now been walked back and clarified by Chance.

The interview stated that Chance was currently putting the final touches on his new album.  It is to be the first release from the artist since 2016’s Coloring Book — which won a Grammy.

Chance was quoted as saying the new album would “be out in a few days.”  He also stated that another album project with Kanye West was slated to begin this week.

The news was especially exciting to those planning to attend a July 21st concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics, an event headlined by Chance.  The article stated that the new album would drop in time for the concert performance.

Once the interview was published, excitement over the album release created a buzz on social media.  The attention prompted Chance the Rapper to take to Twitter and dispel the news.  In a statement that did not explain what the artist meant by “a few days” in the interview, Chance tweeted:

“Sorry no album this week, def been in the stu tho.”

In the meantime, those in the Chicago area can still catch Chance at the Special Olympics concert.  The event, produced by Chance himself, will be held at Northerly Island.

Source: Digital Music News

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