Popa Don Joins Dark Reign Royalty Roster

Dark Reign Royalty is pushing their brand to the next level with their brand-new record featuring Hip Hop legend Tragedy Khadafi, along with a new line of merchandise set to release before the new year.  

DRR is also enlisting new talent to their roster including Popa Don.  The soul singer, R&B legend, and top ten original Lost Boy, is famed for his work with Wyclef Jean, Mr. Cheeks, Ghostface Killah, as well as a regular performer on The Ryan Show FM.

“Adding a talent like Popa Don to the DRR Roster is the spark we needed heading into 2020. Not only will we be creating new music that spotlight Pop’s vast skill set but will also be making sure that he gets what’s been owed to him.” -Rogues P

Popa Don created “The Prayer” which boosted the popularity of Ghostface Killah’s album “The Big Doe Rehab.”

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Yoel Molina Law

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