2 Chainz Reportedly Being Sued Over Restaurant Name

The company of Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar is reportedly in the process of suing Atlanta’s 2 Chainz. The former self-proclaimed trapper has a restaurant in Atlanta and Escobar Inc. does not like the name.

As reported by TMZ, the lawsuit is being filed for estimated $10 million and that the company claims that Escobar Restaurant and Tapas is in violation of federal law due to using Escobar’s name and likeness without any authorization. 

Documents obtained by the media outlet are said to make it clear that they’re angry that 2 Chainz (who is technically a co-owner) has used the “Escobar” name on related-websites and social media, in addition to using it for the restaurant’s moniker. 

They state that Pablo’s likeness is trademarked, and that 2 Chainz has taken the name to boost revenue. As an example they point out that Escobar’s likeness is painted in one of the restaurants, and that a menu item is specifically called “Escobar Crab Cakes.” You can find that item listed on their website.  

It seems that the Escobar family enjoys what some in Hip-Hop do when it does the name of the former drug kingpin. The Escobar family is seeking the massive figure listed above for damages, and are also looking to get an injunction to force the eateries to get rid of anything Pablo-related.

What will 2 Chainz and his team do in their response to the family. 2 Chainz may want to be careful as the Escobar family has a history of removing people who do not play by their rules.

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