Hip-Hop/R&B Singer Ez Mil Signs With Virgin Music Artist And Label Services

Hip-Hop/R&B Singer Ez Mil Signs With Virgin Music Artist And Label Services

Hip-Hop/R&B Singer Ez Mil Signs With Virgin Music Artist And Label Services

Virgin Music Label and Artist Services today announces the signing of notable musician/artist/rapper Ez Mil. In January 2021 his explosive performance of his song “PANALO” recorded on the WISH USA Bus, burst onto the scene, with almost 60 million YouTube views. In celebration of signing with Virgin, Ez Mil is simultaneously releasing another video for the song “PANALO” this time featuring boxing icon and Filipino Senator Manny Pacquiao.

In welcoming Ez Mil to the fold, President of Virgin Music, Jacqueline Saturn says, “Ez Mil is a young, fierce and creative artist that can go the distance and is already making a huge impact. He is a unique and powerful voice and force in Hip hop. We are thrilled to welcome him to the Virgin Music family.”

Ez Mil says: “I believe that signing with UMG/Virgin Music amplifies my freedom as a singer-songwriter and as a record producer. We, FFP Records distributed by Virgin Music, sealed our trust and confidence that we can conquer the world through our music.”

The video for “PANALO” is the “Pacquiao Version” featuring boxing footage of the legend interspersed with a powerful heritage embracing anthem as Ez raps in his native Tagalog with English subtitles translating the inspiring chorus: “We are Filipino, no matter the color of our skin, we will take it to heart. No matter our Filipino dialect, no one can beat the ferocity of our blood.” 

The song, released on FFP Records, switches back and forth between Tagalog and English, with an impassioned rapid-fire lyrical performance by Ez accompanied by a posse of young Filipino hip hop artists and performers surrounding him.

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Ez Mil’s star has steadily been on the rise around the globe since early 2020 amassing millions of streams on Spotify, 592K YouTube subscribers, and social media following with over 360K followers on TikTok and over 1M between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Ez Mil has made an impactful musical footprint across these platforms, propelling him to the point of viral pop stardom. Between Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, Ez Mil is getting his diverse, edgy, and distinct hip hop style heard and seen by fans worldwide inspiring a ‘multinational legion of followers.  

As happens when videos go viral, there are currently 180M total YouTube Views across UGC content with his name in the title. His performance of “PANALO” has garnered 2,570 YouTube UGC assets with 2,043 of those in English vs 20M+ in Tagalog and 44M views from the U.S. Additionally, he has 100M additional UGC videos across Facebook. 

Ez Mil is a Filipino hip-hop artist born in Olongapo City/Philippines. His parents were immersed in that nation’s local Rock & Roll scene and Ez’s ‘rebellion’ was to find his musical passion in Hip Hop and Rap. As he matured and expanded his musical horizons, Ez was exposed to R&B/Pop infused with Hip Hop. 

His love for the music of Chris Brown became his obsession which further led him to practice that artist’s vocal athleticism and dance moves. He eventually became obsessed with the dance troupe, Jabbawockeez, diversifying his style to include Krump, Michael Jackson, Pop n’ Lock, Isolation, and a little bit of B-Boy.  Ez’s first love remains Hip Hop which is the genre of music that is giving him his biggest hits.

Ez Mil will be putting out new music and other creative content in 2021 through his partnership with Virgin Music.

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