Black Music Action Coalition Partners With Black Mental Health Alliance and Backline To Host Community Healing Event: This is How I Show Up

Black Music Action Coalition Partners With Black Mental Health Alliance For 'This is How I Show Up'

On December 15, Black Music Action Coalition will host “This is How I Show Up,” the first in a series of conversations around race and identity in the music industry, and their effects on mental health. The event will be hosted in partnership with Black Mental Health Alliance and Backline, the music industry’s mental health and wellness resource.

The event will highlight the many ways in which music industry professionals show up in the world, and for themselves. Black professionals and other persons of color within the music industry need to know that their mental health and well-being truly matter. Thus, this forum will offer participants with a special culturally responsive, life-affirming and healing-centered experience that will serve as the launching pad for a series of ongoing healing activities and solution focused convenings through 2022.

More than just conversation, the event will point to culturally competent mental health resources and opportunities for deeper healing, as well as actions that can be taken to move the needle.  This is How I Show Up is a free event, meant to foster further action across the music industry to protect the mental health of industry professionals. This will be the first of a series of events hosted by these partners in the next year. 


Tuesday June 2, 2020, the music industry went silent for one day to join the fight for equality as part of #BlackOutTuesday…the day the show paused!. This movement spread beyond the business and inspired tens of millions worldwide to follow suit. Galvanized by this historic moment, close to 200 preeminent artist managers, attorneys, business managers, agents and other industry executives signed up to join forces, instituting and introducing the first-ever BLACK MUSIC ACTION COALITION

Together, these individuals form one common voice, representing the interests of artists, producers, songwriters, and executives. This illustrious cadre of industry heavyweights notably represents artists who comprise a majority of the industry’s revenue.

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