Real Talk Drives Real Change: Final Tour Stop Encourages Youth To Be Financially Aware

Real Talk Drives Real Change
Photo Cred: Jerome A. Shaw
From left to right: Rapper-Bun B, Head of Google for Startups/Entrepreneur-Jewel Burks Solomon, Panel Host-Mike Muse, Co-Founder and CEO of Urban Hydration-Psychelia Terry, Former NBA Championship Player-John Salley

NEWSONE leads a real conversation about what financial freedom looks like.

NEWSONE presented Real Talk Drives Real Change with host, Mike Muse. The Panel consisted of Rapper Bun B, Former NBA Champ and Entrepreneur, John Salley, Head of Google for StartUps Jewel Burks Solomon, and Founder of Urban Hydration, Psyche Terry.

Throughout the event, the panelist gave insight on their background, opinions of what it takes to be financially free, and the pros/cons of their personal journeys.

Rapper Bun B brought awareness on how important brand association is. It allowed him to create his brand Trill Burgers. “We need to make sure these young people have the proximity of success… everything that I’ve learned before prepared me for more success moving forward,” he expressed.

Audience members were engaged with the panelist. The room was filled with laughs, claps, note taking, photo ops and great feedback. The diversity from this event brought out the Real Talk that Drives Real Change.

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