How Are Your Favorite Artists Using AI Tech To Reach New Fans, Deliver Music To Prisons & Grow Their Brand—Lutely

How Are Your Favorite Artists Using AI Tech To Reach New Fans, Deliver Music To Prisons & Grow Their Brand—Lutely

AI is moving at warp speed and music tech startups are emerging left and right, but when the novelty of AI wears off, artists will walk away from it unless it’s essential to their workflow AND makes them money.  So, as the dinner party begins and new music platforms attempt to take their seat at the table; the newest player has arrived.

Introducing Lutely: An AI platform that works FOR artists! 

So, why is Lutely well-positioned to cut through the AI noise and gain the trust of millions of artists and labels around the world? Because Lutley empowers artists with AI to make their music commercially viable and available at break-neck speed.  With a suite of automatic AI tools and a built-in, commission-free marketplace, Lutely is the answer to the current landscape of unfair compensation and generative AI platforms that seek to replace artists. 

And so, savvy artists such as Benny The Butcher, Ransom, and Dave East have already jumped on board, realizing immediate value by utilizing Lutely’s one-of-a-kind “Radio Edit” feature, which instantly converts explicit songs into radio-friendly versions. 

Benny The Butcher reveals: “I get jail calls every day and always get asked when one of my albums, like Butcher on Steroids, Tana Talk 3 or Plugs I Met, is going to be available on the tablets.  I never had an answer, and that was killing me because I know how important music is when you’re locked up.  I knew I needed to get clean versions of my music, but I didn’t have access to all of my sessions.  But with Lutely, all I needed was an MP3 or WAV file to get clean versions and deliver my music to State and Federal prisons throughout the country.”

Dave East also uses Lutely to create clean versions for his records, including his new single “So Much Changed featuring Stacey Barthe and production duo Mike & Keys.

Hip-Hop artist Ransom not only generated clean versions, but also used Lutely to transcribe the lyrics for his new album with Harry Fraud, Lavish Misery, which reached #1 on the iTunes albums sales chart.  “Lutely made it so easy for me to deliver the lyrics to my distributor” Ransom states. 

With a career that spans over two decades in Hip-Hop, Ransom is no stranger to embracing technology trends that transform the music industry.  “Ransom confirms “Lutely ticks every box on my “Is this gonna revolutionize the music industry” scorecard.  So, I’m excited to be a part of what they’re doing and help make a positive impact on artists’ lives.” 

Lutely’s radio edit feature has also been a complete game-changer- for co-founder Jon Jekielek and his record label Next Records.

“We use Lutely every day to generate radio edit/clean versions for our new releases, and our back catalog.  Having clean versions allows us to deliver music to more retailers, including those that make music available to inmates across State and Federal prisons; and make more money for our artists and partners.” 

Creating clean versions is just scratching the surface of what Lutely can do.  Uploading tracks to Lutely kicks off an automatic process that masters songs, pulls out the stems needed for licensing, automatically tags the important metadata, transcribes the lyrics (formatted for popular DSP’s)- and even allows you to generate album artwork.  By bundling these services together, and making them automatic, Lutely saves artists time and money; which allows them to focus on what’s important more music. 

And the best part?  All these features are included and unlimited for as little as $12/month.

Sign up for Lutely today and give your music superpowers: 

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