Reebok ES22 – Spring 2013 Preview

Reebok ES22

If there’s any sort of sneaker tech from Reebok that can rival the likes of the Pump in terms of iconic status it’s gotta be the Hexalite honeycomb look that can be found on a gang of their 90′s silos. Serving as the forerunner for the VizHex technology was this, the Reebok ES22. The Emmit Smith sneaker has plans to come back next year, wedging itself between the ongoing resurrection of the Allen Iverson line and the re-introduction of the cult hit Reebok DMX Run. Click through with us for the first in depth preview of what the Reebok ES22 will be working with (including a few clear cut Cowboys combos and some nice gum sole drops) come Spring 2013 and tell us in the comments below which pair from the batch you’ve got your sights set on.

Reebok ES22 - 2

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