Anthony Soria – Talks Customizing Sneakers

Anthony Soria - Talks About Customizing Sneakers

Customizing sneakers is a sub culture and has become an industry that has given many individuals opportunities that they never thought were possible. There are a handful of sneaker customizers that have a real talent.

I caught up with one of these such customizers in Austin, TX. Austin in known as the “Live Music” capital of the world. And Anthony Soria does to sneakers sounds like music to his clients

Anthony Soria spends some time with me and answers a few questions.

Jimy Lincoln: What made you want to start customizing sneakers?

Anthony Soria: At first I starting restoring shoes for a small bit of extra cash to buy shoes I wanted, then evolved into a passion, trying to create original pieces that made each shoe my hand touched unique.

Jimy Lincoln: What was the first sneaker you customized and at what age?

Anthony Soria: My first shoe I customized was at the age of 20.


Jimy Lincoln: How long does it usually take you to make a sneaker?

Anthony Soria: The time of a custom depends on themes, colors, shades, etc. Detail is my biggest priority. The little things always show, and that’s with anything in life.

Jimy Lincoln: What pair of sneakers has taken you the longest to customize?

Anthony Soria: The longest pair has taken me 3 weeks, the midsole color and patterns had to be precise.

Jimy Lincoln: Do you feel like customizing shoes has become over-saturated?


Anthony Soria: Customizing shoes has become VERY over-Saturated. Everyone does custom sneakers now dMegaSoria 3ays. But it doesn’t phase me. You see anyone can make a custom, but when you make a custom, that is a 1 of 1 that no one has thought of before is what makes the idea and the nature of the custom “pop”. Originality is key. Anyone can recreate someone’s imagination, but when you dedicate time and effort to do things no one has done before, that’s what makes a custom special. That’s what a custom is, to fit the needs and aspects of the creators mind.

Jimy Lincoln: What celebrities have you customized sneakers for?

Anthony Soria: I have made customs for Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs in last year’s finals, Dejuan Blair of the Spurs last year
as well. Michael Griffin, 2 time pro bowl safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s, Darrelle Revis and the famous Instagram celebrity Andy Diaz.

Jimy Lincoln: A lot of customizers are known for a signature style or material they use. What do you think you are most known for in the world of customs?

Anthony Soria: Plain and simple, a lot of people tend to go over the top with fabrics, designs that are over the top. My simple detail with a paint brush is all I need. You would be very surprised at what kind of detail a simple paint brush can provide.

Jimy Lincoln: What’s the price range for your work?

Anthony Soria: Depends on custom, theme, patch work, etc. All starting around $200. All come with professional photographer.

Jimy Lincoln: What is you favorite shoe of all time?

Anthony Soria: Favorite shoe of all time would have to be the fruity pebble LeBron 4. It was a “friends and family” shoe created by my favorite basketball player, LeBron James.

MegaSoria 4

Jimy Lincoln: Of all the sneakers you’ve customized, which one has been your favorite?

Anthony Soria: My favorite has to be the playoff edition I made for Danny green in the 2013 finals. But my favorite, most executed shoe had to be the Tar Heel Retro 6 I just released. Detail was amazing! Very crisp, clean look.

Jimy Lincoln: What shoe was the first to get you recognized in the sneaker community?

MegaSoria 4Anthony Soria: My first shoe that was recognized was the very first shoe I made, the Danny Green playoff 13. That was my first custom ever! Not very many customizers can say their very first custom was for a basketball player.

Jimy Lincoln: Are you working on any sneakers at the time for a major celebrity?

Anthony Soria: At the moment I’m working on a shoe and clear for Michael Griffin, and will be talking to Dez Bryant of the Cowboys.

Jimy Lincoln: Where can people contact you if they are interested in connecting with you.

Anthony Soria: They can find me on Instagram @MegaSoria1 and on Facebook at Anthony Soria. They can also contact me via e-mail at


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