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Wordsmith - Black

Wordsmith – Black

Wordsmith returns with his latest single titled “Black.” Back in 2013 in his hometown of Baltimore, DMV artist Wordsmith was the victim of an unprovoked attack by an officer, ever since then as a family […]

Centric & Wordsmith - Bring It There

Centric & Wordsmith – Bring It There

Centric and Wordsmith release this new single titled ‘Bring It There’. Why Not? is the album, “Bring It There“ is the song. Oakland, CA producer / emcee Centric digs in the vaults for this upbeat, provocative collaboration with Baltimore’s Wordsmith. With Centric […]

Wordsmith - Made

Wordsmith – Made

Wordsmith drops off his new ‘Made’ single. As an independent artist, Wordsmith learned from experience that blazing your own path is far more rewarding than selling out to the alternative. ‘Made‘ is not a celebration […]

Wordsmith - The Statement

Wordsmith – The Statement

Wordsmith returns to our pages with this new single titled ‘The Statement’. The first single off Perspective Jukebox is ‘The Statement‘, Wordsmith’s platform track where he proudly proclaims his position in popular music and society. Modern times show […]