Kendrick Lamar – No Smoking Weed

Kendrick Lamar - No Smoking WeedKendrick Lamar says he doesn’t use weed as a crutch, like most people.

Although Kendrick Lamar has a song or two that is kush-related, the California emcee is known for the fact that he doesn’t actually indulge in the substance.

Now, in a recent interview with Mr. Peter Parker, he talks on the habit and why he doesn’t do it (via HHDX). “I used to smoke,” Kendrick said. “[Smoking weed] wasn’t ever a dependen[cy for me]. A lot of people use it as a dependen[cy], they wake up in the morning angry [and smoke]. It never was a dependent for me, so it never was a crutch, really.”  

He also gives advice to fans, discusses Dr. Dre’s Detox album and his decision not to vote. Watch the full interview below.

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