International Maverick – Life

International Maverick releases his 10th Visual “LIFE”.

The track was produced by himself and directed & edited by Work Nowitzki from his critically acclaimed EP “Dreem Katcher“. This time around you can hear iMAV display a different side of his artistry while painting the picture of what it takes to be a independent/underground artist trying to find peace in life outside of music.

The track features a hook sample from Diana Ross where she eerily wails ”now I see life life for what it is,its not a dream,oohh its not all bliss” the emotion in her voice can be heard crisply over iMav’s pianos keys as the young King professes his current state of mind while a soft kick drum bangs romantically next to a sharp snare.The visual is another from Work Nowitzki behind the camera as well as the editing.

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