G-Unit – In-Depth Interview With DJ Whoo Kid

G-Unit provides uncensored interview with DJ Whoo Kid.

The first exclusive interview between G-Unit and DJ Whoo Kid since the reunion happened this past Saturday up on Shade45, during The Whoolywood Shuffle. Tony Yayo, Young Buck and Kidd Kidd sat down with Whoo for an unadulterated 30-minute interview. Everything from Whoo Kid remaining neutral during the break-up, a possibility of a G-Unit x D Block x Dipset tour, and G-Unit bringing back competition to the sport of rap.

Besides the regular “shit talking” there were many gems dropped during the interview. For one Kidd Kidd speaks on an important lesson 50 Cent had taught him. Always work for what you have, in life there are no handouts. “You don’t give a man a fish, you give him a fishing pole” is an important analogy often preached by Fif.

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