N.B.S. – Seven

N.B.S. releases the new video for the track “Seven”.

Boston-bred cousins E Flash and Vee Knuckles are N.B.S., presenting the RJ Films-directed music video for “Seven”, the new music video from Swissvets: Hot Dogs to Swiss Francs, N.B.S.’ new album out today on Empire Music, the Swiss record label led by CEO Matthieu “MDB” Siegenthaler whose team is responsible for releases with KRS-ONE, Delinquent Habits, JC of Bad Boy South, German rap star Kool Savas and more. Recorded in a one-week period in Switzerland, Swissvets is produced by Swiss producers JAKEBEATZ and DJ Tray, and features a guest appearance from Blaqpoet, Miilkbone, Red Eye and GQ Nothing Pretty.

DJ Tray is an Empire in-house music producer and has worked with Saigon, Cappadonna, Tragedy Khadafi, Sonny Seeza of ONYX and more. JAKEBEATZ is head of the label PW Records and is often referred to as the Godfather of Swiss rap. “When breaking down the manifestations you’ll see 7 represents God,” explains N.B.S. about the track. “Building is consistent throughout the day but most catch jewels especially during the God hour. 7 also represents the number of representatives that began the #Vets our soldiers, our team. “2 Gods” as Nux mentions in his verse. 7 + 7 = 14. 14 is the number N.B.S. represents. So the breakdown is 7 & 14 aka Nux & Flash aka #Vets. The math shows that one can’t exist with out the other. No Nux no Flash no N.B.S.”

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