Savic, La’ Don, Eko Rellz & Kody Mic – Bodies |CYPHER| |dir. @DGainzBeats|

Check out the “Bodies” Cypher.

This a group of young and talented artists that got together in late 2014. After making an epic cypher track, they knew Famous Chicago director Dgainz would be the best option for the video shoot. Savic, La’Don, Eko Rellz, and Kody Mic do music together, but don’t use a specific group name to push their solo buzz.

Savic is a Serbian born artist, who has been living in the Chicago area since 1997. Known for his wild punch lines and large vocabulary, Sav has caught the attention of many on this continent and overseas. La’Don is also a very versatile artist. known for his Meaningful Lyricism, deep content, and striking singing voice, he may be the man that takes Assassinated Records to new levels with Savic as his partner. Eko Rellz and Kody Mic are certainly relevant on today’s music scene. With a similar style of smooth flow, catchy hooks, and big dreams, they formed a group and brand called YRK, a name they intend to make the Industry remember forever.

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