dj eMpTy – Michael

dj eMpTy makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with this new video.

North Hollywood, CA producer dj eMpTy presents the Valerian Zamel-directed music video for “Michael”, the title track from his new album Demonology Vol. 1. eMpTy started off as a drummer, launching numerous punk, surf-rock, and hip hop bands and then finally picked up the turntables in 2001.

He has rocked countless clubs and dance floors around the country as well as deejayed for a number of Los Angeles hip hop acts Tabernacle MCz, Mista Perkins, Hornz & Halos, David Ruffin Jr and Radio Traffic. In 2010 he toured the U.S. with Win Win Global Artists X2, Mista Perkins and Radio Traffic. eMpTy has also had music placed in Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, The Single Wives Club and Madea’s Witness Protection.

eMpTy describes Demonology as “more of an observation of man’s need to label and create meaning for the evil that happens in our lives than it is a tribute to demons.” Regarding “Michael” he says “Having an entire album of songs titled after demons, the album needed a spiritual cleansing, so I named this song ‘Michael’ after the general of Heaven’s army, the archangel that defeats Satan in the Book of Revelation. The song is really about self-empowerment and exorcising personal demons; creating hope where there was only hopelessness and expelling the demons that prevent one from being the best person they can possibly be.”

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