Dezert Eez – Bloody Blades

Dezert Eez is back with a new video for “Bloody Blades”.

Dezert Eez leapt to a bigger stage in 2008 when 5-Star teamed up with C-Rayz Walz, Killah Priest, and Bronze Nazareth to form The Almighty. The album also featured hip hop legends Canibus, Keith Murray, and Planet Asia. In 2009, Dezert Eez inked a deal with Universal and released their debut album Ghettobox.

Since then, the group has released three mixtapes, Call of Duty: The Black Ops, which featured Raekwon, Killah Priest, La the Darkman, One.Be.Lo and Bronze Nazareth, We Own the Summer which featured One.Be.Lo, Mike Posner and Mos Def and more recently, The Microbrew, which featured INS Deck, Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth.

The name Dezert Eez (Desert Eagle) is symbolic of a weapon created in Israel and then later brought to the states to be manufactured much like the Original Man. After a few previous leaks, the group is back with the first visual, “Bloody Blades,” from their just released new album Magnificent Swords and Fly Jewelz,

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