Harvey Stripes ft. Tahiry – Arrogant Lifestyle

Harvey Stripes drops the new video for “Arrogant” starring Tahiry.

You already know that everything Harvey Stripes does is “Arrogant”. Why would his lifestyle be any different?

Harvey’s “Arrogant” video highlighted his penchant for embracing the perks (in Miami, New York and Toronto) that come along with an opulent lifestyle while staying close to the streets and along the way running into some familiar faces as well; including Jim Jones, Troy Ave, DJ Camilo of the Heavy Hitters and Mimi Faust of “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta”.

Harvey Stripes picks up where he left off with his new “Arrogant Lifestyle” video, a behind the scenes look into a life where to the victor go the spoils—and in this instance it’s Tahiry Jose.

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