Ricky Blaze|TheMaestro| – Signs

Ricky Blaze – Signs

As Ricky Blaze continues to give fans great music, he finds more creative ways to stand out as he now separates his artistry. After a discussion with the multi-talented producer he explained that people will never look at his Ricky Blaze act past production and as a Dancehall artist, which is why for all of his new music he releases as an R&B/Hip Hop artist, he will go under the pseudonym, “TheMaestro”.

The name will officially be branded as he puts together some really interesting production and writing skills along with heart connected melodies for his next EP, possibly entitled “Signs”. The project will feature 3 to 4 songs, allowing people to see his american side of culture and lifestyle. “I’m really excited about this and I feel like people will like something about it,” explained Mr. Blaze and as he will remain Ricky Blaze, whenever you hear a smooth 90’s R&B influenced idea with a heavy kick and melodies, it will probably be by “TheMaestro”.

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