Young Guru – Talks Jay Z, Jadakiss & Will Smith |Part 1|

Young Guru Talks Jay Z, Jadakiss & Will Smith at MIT

Young Guru was a guest panelist at MIT last night courtesy of the Arts at MIT & Lyor Cohen’s newest venture “TapTape“, which was developed at M.I.T.

So how did Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton, a small engineer from Delaware get to play such an instrumental role in the career of most arguably rap’s biggest super star? Young Guru first got his shine with Jay Z when he was working with Beanie Siegel. Jay had popped into the session to check on his artist, and he liked the way that Guru would speak his honesty. This honesty would be as simple as telling Beans that his verse was whack, but no one would have the audacity to speak this way at that time. Young Guru’s audacity is what has allowed Jay Z to remain loyal to him throughout these years.

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