YP – Opens Up With DEF Talk

YP keeps it all the way real in this candid clip.  

East side Chicago native YP, aka Backwood Jones, joins the ADD crew for an inspiring Def Talk.  “I’ve seen everything growing up; family members on dope…I’ve done buried a lot of friends, I’ve seen it all.  So the fact that I’ve been blessed with a talent that allows me to travel the country, allows me to be here, allows me to do whatever I want to do; I’m completed, man.”  

He further elaborates on the idols who’ve influenced his career–namely Hov and Nas–whom he admires for their lyrical storytelling ability, which is a prominent element in his own music.  The emcee also shows his lighter-hearted side, as he jokes about his first freestyles, before speaking on the sorrowful experience of losing his infant son.  He closes his inspirational message by invoking his mantra:  “Bust a move, make your money, stay out of trouble.”  


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