Neek Bucks – The Intro |dir. by Ishell Vaughan|

It’s been a minute since we heard from Neek Bucks. He is back with a new video.

While the Bronx raised him, Harlem is where rapper, Neek Bucks, was re-born. In 2011, things took a tragic turn for the young rapper that would alter the course of his life. Falling victim to senseless gun violence, Bucks faced a near-death experience when a bullet entered the back of his skull. Surviving such a traumatic event inspired Bucks to live out his personal mantra, “here for a reason.” 

Now, 20 years old, and riding off the release of his first mixtape that was appropriately named, “Here For A Reason,” Bucks released “Here For A Reason 2” earlier this year. Today, he drops the official video for his first single from the project, “The Intro,”

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